In our SP Server 2013 environment we have an employee directory. The hover panel that shows up next to a result shows the Department name of an employee. This is a clickable hyperlink. When a user clicks on it, he's being taken to a new search results page with the Department name as the query.

Problem is:

The Department name contains characters such as & or +. When the link is clicked, everything after the & is gone. Or, in case of the +, the + sign is removed. This results in incorrect search results.

I checked the code in the People hover panel display template and it says (Afdeling means Department):

<div class="ms-srch-hover-text" id="_#= ctx.CurrentItem.Department =#_">Afdeling: <a href="?k=department:_#= ctx.CurrentItem.Department =#_">_#= ctx.CurrentItem.Department =#_</a></div>

In the search engine, when a user clicks on the Department name in the hover panel, the resulting url being created is:


( P&I/L&M/SASO/SASOB is the Department name).

I think the Department code should be in double quotation marks ("") to ensure it processes the entire Department name as the query, not just what's before the & character.

How can I fix this in the display template? Or should something else be changed?

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The problem is that your browser thinks you are adding querystring parameters. In order to make it work, you will have to encode the department names. The "&" ampersands should become this "%26".

The encoding of your departments can be done by using the following JavaScript function:


So in your example you can write the HTML like this:

<div class="ms-srch-hover-text" id="_#= ctx.CurrentItem.Department =#_">Afdeling: <a href="?k=department:_#= encodeURIComponent(ctx.CurrentItem.Department) =#_">_#= ctx.CurrentItem.Department =#_</a></div>

The URL will be encoded like this:


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