I am trying to create a new view for my list that is filtered if the [Date] field is too far away.

T do this, I am tring to create a calculated column, "DaysAway" with something like this:

   =[Date] - [Today]

But I get this error:

Calculated columns cannot contain volatile functions like Today and Me.

So then I could filter this in the view:

[DaysAway] < 7

How can I created a filtered view based on a Date's distance form [Today]?

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Here is why it does not work in a Calculated Column:

You can Filter by date in the View Filter settings,
This shows the Items created in the Last Week:


You can use spaces (and linebreaks) in a Calculated Column Formula,
but do NOT use spaces in this Filter Formula

If you do, you get the most informative message:

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