I want to deploy SharePoint Hosted App in an On Premise Environment I have created the App.

Can anyone provide the detailed step how to deploy SharePoint Hosted App On Premise Environment


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You need to publish the app to the local App Catalog. The App Catalog is managed in the Apps section of Central Administration. Go to Central Admin -> Apps -> Manage App Catalog.

If an App Catalog has not been created you will be able to create one.

App Catalog 1

If the App catalog has already been created you can access it through the link provided.

App catalog 2

NOTE: There is one App Catalog per Web Application so, if you have multiple Web Applications, make sure the correct one is shown in the top-right of the page.

In Visual Studio, right-click your project and select Publish. When the Publish your app page appears, click Package the app to create an App Package.

Publish your app

A Windows Explorer window will open to the folder containing your App Package (the file will have an app extension).

Navigate to the App Catalog and click Apps for SharePoint in the Quick Launch Bar (on the left).

Click new document and select your App Package.

New document

Add details about the app in the dialog that pops up and then click Save.

App details

You app is now in your local App Catalog.

Now go to any site in the target Web Application, and then go to Site Contents -> Add an app -> From Your Organization. Your app will be there to add.


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