I have a web page in the documents library configured in a certain way with all the web parts set up. I created this on a test team site.

How can I export this page to a production team site?


Exporting and importing as html will not work in SharePoint as it refers lots of controls and files internally

Thee best suggested option would be to open the page in designer and copy the content to target page** but make sure all the those web parts are already in the web part gallery and fully functional.

To check all webparts are in the gallery, initially u should enable the features related to them in ur production site.

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  • Euh no, I'm not agree. If you have a customized page, e.g. with a custom page layout, custom masterpage etc, you will lost all your references. So this option is on my opinion, not a best option – DiscoPlacid Dec 4 '15 at 7:05
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    i do agree about master pages, custom page layouts or any other UI and no UI references. the question over here doesn't indicate any custom page layouts so i refereed it to regular team site pages with some set of web parts. – kesava Dec 4 '15 at 20:21

You can use Powershell to export your page and to import it on the production team site.

Export-SPWeb -identity "http://url" -ItemUrl "/default.aspx"  -Path "c:\default.aspx"     
Import-SPWeb -identity "http://url" -Path "C:\default.aspx" 

Don't forget to have same structure on both side. E.g. if you've got custom page layout, first install page layouts on production team site.


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