The formula reads:

=IF(([Potentially Impacted]="N/A")
    ,CONCATENATE("Potential Business Impact is to:"
                 ,[Potentially Impacted Units]"
                 ,"  "

and I keep getting the following error message. The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported. Learn more about the syntax for formulas.

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  • Looks like you're missing a quotation mark before [Potentially Impacted Units] Dec 1 '15 at 18:56

I reformatted your formula, easier to read and the mentioned quote is more obvious. linebreaks and space will be ignored when you save the Formula.

It can be shortened to:

=IF(ISBLANK([Potentially Impacted])
    ,"Potential Business Impact is to:"&[Potentially Impacted Units]&"  "

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