I am trying to create a workflow that sends a reminder to the director approver in case he does not approve it 10 days before start date field.

Here is how I initially though it:

If current item status is equal to director approval

Add -10 days to start date

Output variable notify date

Wait until variable: notify date

Send email to director

technically this would work but the problem is if in the meantime the director does approve the form he will still get this notification.

What I also thought is the possibility of using a powershell script to run daily through this list and process every item according to these conditions.

Any pointers?

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Add additional status kind of field like isAlreadyApproved ans set it no to default.When the director approves set it to yes.

Then check after wait until action with a if condition isAlreadyApproved is no then only send mail else skip.


Add an extra check for the Status==Director approval in the workflow, after the wait action and before the email sending action.

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