We implemented custom Content Editor Web Part, inside that we are using the sp.ui.rte.js file. It is working fine up to IE10. Our project users upgraded from IE10 to IE11. When we edit the content editor web part we are getting below error:

SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'classname' of undefined or null reference File: sp.ui.rte.js, Line: 2, Column:35101

Please let us know what is cause of this issue.


I tried with different option to resolve the CEWP issues. Modified existing SP.UI.RTE.js file with some change as below.

RTE.Canvas.$1P = function (b) { if (b == undefined) return;

And replaced SP.UI.RTE.js name with TempRte.js and added this file in Project js folder and also referred the file in the “XXXX.master” file at the end.

<script src="../../_Layouts/xxxxx/js/TempRte.js"></script>

Now it is working fine. But this is temporary solution. Once Microsoft will provide patch for that we need to remove or comment the script file from Master page.

Note: Do not remove or change existing “SP.UI.RTE.js” file.

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