Is it possible to put a border around cells in a custom list web part? If so, is it an easy change? I cannot find any settings that would change this look.

The default view doesn't have any borders at all. I require a custom list to look similar to the following:

Sample table with borders

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Google for CSS Selectors and target your Table and TH header to set color and borders.

Several places you can add your own style(sheet)

  • Site Settings -> Masterpage (if Publishing Features are enabled)
  • Editting the MasterPage with SP Designer add a link to your own stylesheet
  • Site- Settings > Design Manager Create a whole new Design
  • Inside a CEWP but that will only get you the styles on the one page
  • Using a Browser Plugin (Chrome) Stylish this changes anything in the page you want, but only in your browser

Note: use the Browser Plugin for an easy start and get your CSS right

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