Get-SPEnterpriseSearchMetadataManagedProperty -SearchApplication $ssa | fl Name, Type, Description, FullTextQueriable, NoWordBreaker, Queryable, Retrievable, Sortable, RespectPriority, SafeForAnonymous, Weight, ManagedType, FullTextIndex | Out-File D:\test_$(get-date -f MM-dd-yyyy_HH-mm-ss).txt

I am successfully getting back results with this. The 'Weight' parameter is returning 0 for all managed properties, this is incorrect because my managed property 'Title' has 'Context 1' set in Central Admin, not 'Context 0'.

Here is a sample of the output:

  1. Name : Title;
  2. Description : ;
  3. FullTextQueriable : True;
  4. NoWordBreaker : False;
  5. Queryable : True;
  6. Retrievable : True;
  7. Sortable : True;
  8. RespectPriority : True;
  9. SafeForAnonymous : True;
  10. Weight : 0;
  11. ManagedType : Text;
  12. FullTextIndex : ;

How can I correct this or is there a different PowerShell approach to getting back all the information about all managed properties?

I used this link to help with which parameters to return.


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