I'm able to find where I can add alerts for blogs by going to Blog > Categories > Edit however, this doesn't allow me to manage already existing alerts.

For a normal site I can just go into Site Actions and manage them but this option isn't visible on blogs so I'm not sure how to manage the alerts.

Thanks in advance.

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End User

Setting up an alert for blog posts is a bit hidden.

Without a shortcut, the easiest steps I can find to setup a new alert are:

  1. Click a blog post
  2. Click "Posts" in the breadcrumb
  3. Click Actions -> Alert Me

Site Administrator

To manage existing alerts, make sure you are within the site that contains the blog. For example, if your Posts list is at http://server/Site/News/All/Lists/Posts/AllPosts.aspx then the site is http://server/Site/News/All

Then, click Site Actions -> Site Settings -> User alerts. The URL will be similar to: http://server/Site/News/All/_layouts/sitesubs.aspx.

To create a shortcut for users, simply create a link to the alerts page on the Posts list. The easiest way to get this link is by following the "End User" steps above. It'll look something like: http://server/Site/News/All/_layouts/SubNew.aspx?List=%7B37D342E1%2D3E21%2D48BD%2DADF4%2D96FD675B37AE%7D&Source=http%3A%2F%2Fserver%2FSite%2FNews%2FAll%2FLists%2FPosts%2FAllPosts.aspx

You can change the Source URL parameter to link back to your main page.

  • There are powershell methods for accessing alerts too, but probably rare you would need to use those.
    – dunxd
    Commented Jul 18, 2011 at 16:01

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