We just got a message that SharePoint online is out of storage space. Is there a way to get an overview of file size and location across all our sub-sites similar to WinDirStat or DaisyDisk? That would make it a lot easier to figure out where to start culling.


I would go into the admin portal, https://yourtenant-admin.sharepoint.com and see what sites are taking up a large amount of space. From there you can navigate to the site and go to /_layouts/15/storman.aspx and this will tell you where the bulk of the storage is being used. Go to the library and prune.

  • Thanks, that will work great. Is there a way to get to /_layouts/15/storman.aspx through menus or does one just have to know the URL? – SSteve Nov 23 '15 at 19:48
  • 1
    It is also available in Site Settings -> Storage Metrics in the Site Collection Administration section. – Eric Alexander Nov 23 '15 at 19:50

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