I have a virtual machine which is Windows Server 2012 and Sharepoint 2013.

This is what I did:

• Log in the box • Open the sharepoint central admin , • Click ‘Manage web applications’ under Application management. It pop up the window to ask me to type the credential. Regardless I type it my credential or not, it always failed.

The weird thing is it's fine if log in from outside the box, for example, I log in from another machine by using browser. I have no problem at all.

Any ideas? thanks in advance.

  • Did you open Central Admin by using the Central Admin icon or by typing the url in the address bar of your browser?
    – Wout
    Nov 20, 2015 at 19:11

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couple of things

  • make sure you access the Central admin on the server using fully qualified name, not short name
  • disable the loopback check on the server.

Yes. I fixed this issue by below step: log in Central Central by running IE as admin, then add me into the SharePoint central admin group.

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