I have created an web event receiver but the webprovisioned event handler fires twice. I have set the scope to web, but it still fires twice.

Problem 1

This is elements file:

<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
  <Receivers Scope="Web">


    public override void WebProvisioned(SPWebEventProperties properties)
    SPWeb web = (SPWeb)properties.Web
web.Navigation.UseShared = true;

I saw another post which mentioned that if the scope is set to web it will fire only once, but it my case it is still firing.

Update 1

I tried the following code. It sets the options correctly, but they are not applied to the UI yet. I have to click OK once again to see the changes.

Just to be sure that you guys get what I am trying to achieve. I am trying to set the top navigation, not the left navigation.

                    // PublishingWeb Navigation
                    var pubWeb = PublishingWeb.GetPublishingWeb(web);

                    var webNavigationSettings = new WebNavigationSettings(web);

                    webNavigationSettings.GlobalNavigation.Source = StandardNavigationSource.InheritFromParentWeb;

                    webNavigationSettings.CurrentNavigation.Source = StandardNavigationSource.PortalProvider;
                    pubWeb.Navigation.CurrentIncludeSubSites = true;
                    pubWeb.Navigation.CurrentIncludePages = true;
                    pubWeb.Navigation.CurrentDynamicChildLimit = 20;

                    pubWeb.IncludeInGlobalNavigation = true;
                    pubWeb.Navigation.InheritGlobal = true;
                    pubWeb.Navigation.GlobalIncludeSubSites = true;
                    pubWeb.Navigation.GlobalIncludePages = true;

                    webNavigationSettings.AddNewPagesToNavigation = false;
                    webNavigationSettings.CreateFriendlyUrlsForNewPages = false;


Problem 2

When I create a new site the top navigation does not get applied to this newly created site.Any ideas?

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You might have a couple instances of the same event receiver attached. You can check by running the following PowerShell commands and look for duplicates:

If you attach event receivers to a site collection:

Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
$site = Get-SPWeb http://webapp/sites/SiteCollection
$site.EventReceivers | sort Type | ft Class, Type

If you attach event receivers to a web:

Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
$web = Get-SPWeb http://webapp/sites/SiteCollection/web
$web.EventReceivers | sort Type | ft Class, Type

For your second problem, try using the following code:

var web = properties.Web as SPWeb;
var pubWeb = PublishingWeb.GetPublishingWeb(web);
pubWeb.InheritGlobalNavigation = true;


var web = properties.Web as SPWeb;
var pubWeb = PublishingWeb.GetPublishingWeb(web);
pubWeb.Navigation.InheritGlobal = true;

You might need to update web object as well.

Hope this helps.


Problem 1

The EventReceiver is normal. Please change the scope of your Feature where the EventReceiver is provisioned from Web to WebApplication Scope or create a new one and add your EventReceiver to a WebApplication scoped Feature.

Problem 2

And here is the solution for your navigation problem https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/ms196088(v=office.14).aspx.

childWeb.Navigation.UseShared = true;

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