I have several customers on Office365/SharePoint Online. I have an administration account in all those subscriptions that's actually the Global Admin.

The thing is that in some clients, the main Team Site allows me to add a SearchBox web part to the home page. In others, that web part is simply not available to be added.

When I check the web part catalog (<site_url>/_catalogs/wp) I'm able to "edit" each web part on those sites where the web part is available for addition. In the sites where I can't add the web part, I can't edit it either.

Note: by site I'm refrering to another Team Site in a different Office365/Sharepoint online subscription.


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Found the answer: I had to enable Custom scripting for SharePoint Online... something that Microsoft has set now to Disabled by default. The I had to wait about 24 hrs and the web parts were accessible.

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