In order to allow creating links to other Sharepoint documents, I enabled the setting Allow Management of Content Types in Advanced Settings for the Document Library.

Now I have the following Content Types:

  • Document
  • Link to a Document
  • Form
  • Report

If I click on Add from existing site content types I see a lot of weird options, but nothing for Excel spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations or any of the normal things I would expect.

enter image description here

So now here is all I see when I click "New":

enter image description here

How can I Allow Management of Content Types and still have normal document types?


The "Document" content type is what you are looking for, but out of the box it gives users a Word template. If you would like to create an Excel or PowerPoint, you could create a new content type that derives from the "Document" content type, and then upload a blank pptx or xlsx file for the template.

In short, Document encompasses all documents or files, if you want to be specific, you need to separate the content type "Document" into different content types.

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  • That makes sense, but "Document" isn't one of the Available Site Content Types as in the screenshot above – Devil's Advocate Nov 19 '15 at 20:07
  • That's because it's already a part of the available content types in that list/library. The drop-down list you show in the screenshot is the content types that are not yet a part of the list. – Mike Nov 19 '15 at 20:08
  • So I renamed "Document" to "Word Document", now how do I add a new one? i.imgur.com/i0Cj0ag.png – Devil's Advocate Nov 19 '15 at 20:11
  • I added "Allow any content type", renamed it "Excel Document", uploaded an XLS file as a template but for some reason I can't set it to show up in the New button: i.imgur.com/cs0xYhT.png i.imgur.com/JVnRYmR.png i.imgur.com/7w90Ju7.png – Devil's Advocate Nov 19 '15 at 20:27
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    Go to Site Settings and "Site Content Types", then create a new one. After you create three mentioned above, then you see them from the "Add from existing content types" in the list/library settings. – Mike Nov 20 '15 at 17:27

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