Hi don't mark this question as duplicate or replicated. Because I have googled a lot for this error and I have found solutions which can work my Install-SPSolution command. However what I am looking is. Error says solution contains resources scoped for a Web application

My question is : I need to find which are the resources that I am missing to deploy?

My Progress

$w = Get-SPSolution "SI.Sharepoint.FeedWebpart.wsp"

returns me True

Now I need to find what are the resource files it is talking about? which are those resources that I am missing to Add/deploy? Is there any power shell script that I can look at as what are the resource files?

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I went through my code and I was able to identify by myself.

The solution to this is. *

I had a safecontrol declared in my .spdata file which was looking for web.config file to register but couldn't find web.config file. Nevertheless I commented the safecontrol tag from the .spdata file and the installation started working. *

Looks very silly but more helpful. Happy coding :)

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