I'm looking for a good way to remove all list item permissions on a certain list item of a specific role type using the JavaScript object model.

With myListItem.get_roleAssignments().getByPrincipal(myUser).deleteObject(); I can delete the permission for a certain user. I'm looking for a way to delete all permissions of a certain role type (eg SP.RoleType.contributor).

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The closest thing I can think of is this pseudocode:

  1. foreach roleAssignment 'rA'
  2. foreach roleDefinitionBinding 'rDb' in rA.get_roleDefinitionBindings()
  3. Check if user has the base permissions associated with the contributor role by repeatedly using rDb.has(...) which checks for a base permission
  4. if true, delete current roleAssignment from listItem

An example of the check in 3: if(rDb.has(SP.PermissionKind.editListItems) && rDb.Has(...) && ...). The relation between permission level (Contributor) and its permissions can be found somewhere in the settings of your site collection, or here. The SP.PermissionKind enumeration can be found here.

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