My CAML Query on a large Pages library based on a folder structure takes too long (15-20 seconds), and I wonder how I could optimize this. I currently use a filter where

FileRef BeginsWith [specific path with subfolders]

Is FileRef an indexed column by default or not? Would EncodedAbsUrl be a better option than FileRef?

I realize that I would be better off if I used a Choice column and an Equals filter instead, but a folder structure still seems to be easier to understand for our end users, compared to tagging each item.

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Certain things can optimize it if you haven't used:-

1) Get only those columns which you require eg if you need only Title and FileReaf column then use like the below one

query.ViewFields = string.Concat("", "");

2) Set row limit

It would be more easier if you can provide number of pages in that library and your caml query


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