We have 3 SP2013 on-premise standard farm in the company. One for development, one for test and then production. We deployed the 3 farms at the same time and all of them have patched to "June 2014 CU".

Recently we need to deploy a new site collection. After we complete, we will backup the new site collection using Backup-SPSite command. Then restore the same bak file to Test and then PROD environment. We can successfully restore to Test but not PROD. The error is

Restore-SPSite :<nativehr>0x80070003</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>

(should I call it error?)

After research it make me believe PROD have different patch level. By checking via CA -> Manage Content Database, we found all the content DBs in DEV and TEST have same schema version current schema version: 15.0.4719.1000 while the PROD have 15.0.4617.1000

I am sure no SharePoint update is made since June 2014. However I found some windows (for win 2008) security patches, some language pack update, and OWA update occur on DEV and TEST. I think they were deployed by WSUS recently.

Just in case, we install the same patches towards PROD but the schema version number didn't change in the Content Database detail.


  1. Do I need to do something so make schema version number change? Like reboot? IS there a timer job update it?
  2. Anything else I should check?
  3. Is the <nativehr> error only caused by schema version different?

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Your patch levels are different. Install May 2015 CU or MS15-046 to the production server, depending on what was installed in dev/test.

  • Finally we found that install MS15-047 can update the schema towards 15.0.4719.1000. After patch we run Upgrade-SPContentDatabase and restore command works.
    – Mark L
    Nov 16, 2015 at 2:24

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