Can anyone help with setting up a progress status on documents in a document library. I would love something similar to the attached.enter image description here


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The simplest way is to use a Calculated Column (set to datatype=Number!!! to output HTML)

=IF(NOT(OR([Task Status]="Not Started",[Task Status]="Completed"))
    , "<div style=""position:relative;width:100%;height:1.5em;border:1px solid grey;"">"
        &"<div style=""position:absolute;height:100%;text-align:left;"
             &"background-color:"&  [color]
             &";width:"&  [% Completed]  &"%;"">"
        &  [% Completed]


  • Works in 2010/2013 in any View (not on Forms)
  • No need for CSR files/JSlinks (2013)


  • Displays HTML code as text in Alerts, CQWP, Content & Struture View
  • Adds this HTML for every ListItem (so not very mobile friendly)

The 2013 (CSR) Client Side Rendering way

See: jslink on Tasks % Complete field

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