Is it possible for me to create a view that when I enter a term and the result is a list of all items with that term associated with it but also have it return the children of the entered term as well.

Example Terms:

  • Microsoft
    • Office
    • Outlook

So if we were so say that the term we search for is Microsoft, it will filter for that term and it's children.

Currently we are using a URL filter so that when you arrive at the page it will filter Microsoft but we cannot see a way for it to automatically filter for the terms Children as well.

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Use # before the term ID as it means query for the specified term ID or the ID of any of that term’s child terms, e.g., owstaxidGeography:#52263385-1fc3-4323-8d6b-50c8f6c3c45d.


How we ended up solving this issue, was to use FilterName=<name>&FilterMultiValue=<value>* Using the wildcard '*' on the end allows us to have all the sub terms appear.

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