I have a SharePoint list which has a managed metadata column. This is bound to my term store which look like as following:

  • Cars
    • Mercedes
      • S600
      • CL65
      • G
    • BMW
      • 5
      • 6
      • 7
      • X5
    • Maybach
      • ...
    • Bentley

I want to query via CAML this list. I have a custom application page where the user is able to select the terms from the term store by drop downs. Given is a ListItem where the user has selected the term "S600" from the parent term "Mercedes". Lets think that the user now only selects "Mercedes".

How can I query the list with CAML so that I also get all items which where tagged with the children of the term "Mercedes"?

In short: How can I build a CAML query which can get all items with the selected parent terms child terms?

  • Has noone an idea?
    – BOG
    Nov 18, 2015 at 12:20

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The magic words are TaxonomyField.GetWssIdsOfTerm.

This question is a dupicate of https://stackoverflow.com/questions/5258722/how-does-one-get-all-child-terms-of-a-sharepoint-term-in-c.

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