I would like to give a user the ability to change the following properties on a Survey.

  • SPList.WriteSecurity
  • SPList.ReadSecurity

Normally there is a section under Advanced Settings (/_layouts/15/advsetng.aspx) for this. It shows the options for Read access and Create and Edit access.

Unfortunately even when the user is given the Full Control permission level on the Survey, the relevant section is missing for them from the Advanced Settings.

I can only make the relevant section of the page appear by making the user a Site Collection Administrator and I cannot do this.

What governs whether this Access Control section appears?


The survey was not inheriting permissions from its parent site so I assumed all relevant permissions were between the user and the survey.

However, in order for the user to see the Read access and Create and Edit access, the user must have certain permissions on the parent site as well. The minimum permissions I am able to use are:

  • Override List Behaviors (this is the important one)
  • View Items
  • View Pages
  • Open

NB the same behaviour is observed for a Discussion Forum.

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