I have searched for this but haven't found any examples (maybe it's my searching abilities) but I am hoping to solve the following problem in SharePoint 2013.

I am trying to replace a document library that has a connection (linked/joined) documents from another library filtered by a value.

I would like to use a search box and search results box and ideally have the linked documents show up in the search hover i.e. modify the search display template to show the connected documents.

I am not really sure where to start in order to do this and was wondering if anyone had done something similar or had any examples?

The attached image is what I want to do. The top part (LinkListMaster and ChildList) are setup and working, but I want the user to be able to search in the box and have the "ChildList" items come up in the hover display template.

Thanks very much for any help. Roy

See image below

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