I need to have a Project ID column in a project named list.

The format would be


and so on. These I'd will be auto populated while creating any new item in the list.

How can this be done in SharePoint Online?


The ID value is a sequential numbering for List Items.

You can use the Calculated Column Formula:

=TEXT( [ID] , "PROJ0000" )

Only one caveat: Newly created items have a 0 value for the ID column, because the ID value is determined after all Formulas have been calculated.
That is why you don't see ID listed as usable column when editting a Formula

Trick is to create a (on new item) Workflow which writes the ID value to a second column MyID so you can use:

=TEXT( [MyID] , "PROJ0000" )

You can trigger the ID update without a Workflow, but that is a more advanced usage.

  • Thanks Danny but the format of the values in project id would remain same means PROJ0010 not PROJ00010. Can you let me know how it can be maintained. – Sweta Nov 9 '15 at 6:37
  • Anyone else helping me on this... – Sweta Nov 9 '15 at 7:26

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