Am trying to add a custom logo in my SP 2010 master page's div tag.
Below is my part of master page code:

                 <!-- site logo -->
                    <div id="v5-site-logo">
                        <SharePoint:SPLinkButton runat="server" 
          name="onetidHeadbnnr0" id="onetidHeadbnnr2" 
          LogoImageUrl="/Style Library/Images/custom_logo.png" 

But its not reflecting correctly on my page's top left hand corner.I need to fix this.

Referred Kyle Schaeffer's v5.master here

  • Also, need to know how to add a Home link on the top navigation.Currently,by default my sub sites are displayed on the top navigation as hyperlinks. Can I modify the master page such a way that,I can add a home link with a nice image,so that end users can have a smooth navigation.

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