I am very new to sharepoint so need your help in getting started. I am working for an NGO and they have a bit of a weird requirement. they want a sharepoint website whose content creation is as easy as creating word document with sections but when displaying on mobile devices it should behave as a mobile app.


one document has a long table with person profiles .

On mobile phonegap application it should be searchable and each page person should have a dedicated page. so we will have Image on top with Name and scrollable text below

What is the best way to do it?


ok, before responding - that type of requirement is what fails projects in the 1st place. I agree most people hate the UX on SharePoint, but starting to replace quite some awesome features is not the way to go. ask for specifics.

Now to your question - my read "page with people profiles, searchable, with a certain look & feel". best approach, to my sense would be - assuming you have Search + User Profiles connection + synchronization up and running (no need for My sites though, just to be clear). In lack of details, I assume here 2013 - so the way to go would be (PhoneGAP interacts via WS calls, e.g. REST mostly):

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SharePoint has some simple Mobile Views, but all they do is minimalize the UI a bit.
The UX you describe requires custom development.

SharePoint is your datastore, (but could be any other datastore)

The areas you have to master

  • Manage the datastore
  • Get access to the datastore
    • Read from the datastore
    • Write to the datastore
  • Present information

There is no best way of doing this as it mainly relies on what you know (or want to learn)

Furthermore, your client does not have a weird requirement; they just want a different UX (on top of existing SharePoint functionality)

Areas of expertise you (may) have to Learn:

  • SharePoint Content Types
  • SharePoint Page Templates
  • SharePoint Display Templates (CSR, JSlink)
  • SharePoint Search (API)
  • SharePoint API (JSOM & REST)
  • ADAL
  • ...
  • ...

Google is your best friend learning these, "SharePoint and PhoneGap" gives you plenty of leads.

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Option 1: Use Microsoft PowerApps (probably easiest way but not free as licence is required for every user).

Option 2: Use SharePoint REST API to connect to SharePoint from client.

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