Am using checkbox multichoice field in my newform.aspx and in presaveaction call am doing the below code:

      function PreSaveAction() 
          var dt3;
           var dt4;
             var dt5;
             var dt6Date;
              var dt7StartDate;
             var dt8Date;
             var estimatedsizein;
            var currentStatusChoiceField;
             var flagGeneric =true;

            var ORCBIEPMcheckedonsubmit  = 
           alert(ORCBIEPMcheckedonsubmit  + ' is the orcbiepm value 
      checked on submit');

I tried with the name,-name$- which i got from F12 dev tools, but i am unable to get the value of checked status of this checkbox, am having 16 checkboxes in this SPFieldChecboxfield. but nothing happened. am struggling to find out how to get teh checked status of each checkboxes.

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