The User Profile Synchronization Service was not properly configured and was stuck in "Stopping" state. I was able to delete the User Profile Service Application but the User Profile Service (instance) and User Profile Synchronization Service remained. How do I get rid of them all so I can start fresh with the User Profile Service configuration?

Edit: I've tried this along with many other posts I've found. I'm looking for a way to perhaps manually delete this or at least set the status to "Stopped."


Ok, not sure if this has been tried since there's a bout 50 million things to try on Harbar's site (Good site though)

I always do the following if the actual Service is stuck in Stopping or Starting:

Firstly, run this:


This will show a list of service Instances. Find your broken Service (Status will be Provisioning or Unprovisioning)

Get the GUID of this Service


$srvc = Get-SPServiceInstance "GUID"





It stopped!!!


I suggest you follow the instructions in Spence Harbar's "Stuck on Starting" article, and specifically the section on resetting the synchronization service instance.

  • I've actually tried that exact method already. Sorry I didn't mention it but I've tried a lot of things, most of which I don't remember. – Josh M. Jul 14 '11 at 12:46

I was able to look in the SP_Config database and find the object which related to the unprovisioning of the User Profile Synchronization Service. After deleting that object I was able to:

$s = Get-SPServiceInstance <GUID of User Profile Synchronization Service>

And the service was deleted. Now I can start "fresh," in theory.

  • OUCH... You shouldn't have deleted it.... Now you'll see the Service Instance is gone... completely gone... I did that the other day and I think the only way to get it back was to run the Sharepoint Installer and do a repair... – Fox Jul 14 '11 at 15:14
  • I haven't seen the consequences yet, I'll report back once I do. – Josh M. Jul 14 '11 at 15:49

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