I have a few fields that I would like to add to my custom list forms. I do not want the values of these fields to be displayed in any columns on the list. How can I add these fields, mainly text boxes, to the form. And I will need to be able to view/edit the data entered in one form in the other forms.

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There are a few different ways I can think of to handle this, based on what I think you described.

  1. Created your fields - and then just create a custom list view that doesn't show those column. Your fields will be visible in the edit form.
  2. Use InfoPath - with InfoPath you can have fields tied to XML that never populate in the list (this if for InfoPath library forms, not InfoPath List form - there is a difference).
  3. Use custom form and modify the XSLT see this Hide fields on sharepoint custom list form, No code

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