I have one SP 2010 List having 77 columns and created the customnewform.aspx and editform.aspx using SP Designer.But its not user friendly,as user has to scroll down every time for reaching the 70+ columns and fill the textbox fields,dropdown fields, choice fields with multi selection checkboxes etc.

I would like to be able to break these up into Tabs so that the user experience in populating and editing these is not bad.

i checked This link for reference, but somehow the code doesn't give me proper tabs and having thrown some errors. Others pointed me This link , but the page doesn't exist.

I have tested This also , but since the TabsForSharePointForms.js file itself is not available for download I am not getting the correct output.

Has anyone did this before / tried with the same? If not can someone point me with other alternatives[except third party tools]. I don't have InfoPath installed in my SP machine.


If the only issue is , you are not able to find TabForSharepointForms JS file? Then you can get it here.



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  • Rohit, Thanks for the link, let me explore and revert here soon. – userAZLogicApps Oct 30 '15 at 10:10

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