I'm using SharePoint 2013 and some users, I'll repeat, only SOME of them can't open office files in their client application (word, excel...). I don't know what is the problem because I can open documents from my machine but when I log in to another machine (colleague that can't open documents) I'm also unable to open documents. So, problem is in machine. I tried:

  • removing office cache files
  • Adding SharePoint site to Trusted zone
  • Repairing office installation...

Nothing helps. Message after a longer period of "downloading": Sorry, we couldn't find . It is possible it was moved, renamed or deleted? Sometimes there is an another message...

  • I have this same problem with Word 2013: can't open documents from SP, but when I try open this same document in Word 2007 it's working perfect. And I don't know why...
    – user48981
    Commented Nov 22, 2015 at 18:36

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Problem is solved by installing newest updates (from 5. December 2015. to 15. December 2015.). I'm not sure but probably this update solved problem:


  1. On the Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced tab > click Restore defaults button > Click "OK"
  2. On the Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connection tab > click "LAN Settings" > de-select "Automatically Detect Settings"

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