If I have a subsite library that contains all documents that pertain to meetings, clients, agreements, presentations, and training documents, thus it appears I need to create 5 views.

Note I do have 5 content types, but the content type filter does not automatically hide the columns not associated with the content type. Doesn't it make sense to create 5 libraries ? I could end up with more content types and this seems like a pain to create so many views requiring de-selection of columns...

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You can hide the columns in a content type so when you select it, the fields that are not associated are hidden.

I suggest creating views instead but if there are a lot of documents in that library then it is time to separate the documents by library (meetings, agreements etc.)


You might be helped by the EditView Bookmarklet you can add to your browser.


It makes editting Views a breeze, well.. a bit more 2015 than that 2001 User Interface


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