While using HTML Textbox in content editor and from Chrome or Mozilla User presses Enter key leading to edit mode of the page. Issue with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013

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// SharePoint input element bug handler
// More bug: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/sharepoint/en-US/33df42ba-00b3-41a8-8fb9-f8187cfc216d/strange-behavior-in-firefox-input-text-with-enter-opens-page-for-editing?forum=sharepointgeneralprevious
// This fix stops form submit => blocks transfer to edit mode

var disableFormSubmitDueToBug = false;
var bugSubmitHandlerAttached = false;

$('text box id or class').keydown(function(e){
if(e.keyCode == 13 ) { 
  disableFormSubmitDueToBug = true;
} else {

function bindBugSubmitHandler(){
$( "form" ).bind("submit", function( e ) {
if(disableFormSubmitDueToBug) {
console.log('Blocked submit by SP bug handler');
bugSubmitHandlerAttached = true;

function unbindBugSubmitHandler(){
$( "form" ).unbind("submit");
bugSubmitHandlerAttached = false;
console.log('SP bug submit handler unbind occurred');

I know this is super old, but the edit page will fire on the keydown event instead of the keyup event. Move your e.preventDefault(); to the keydown for 13, and your good to go. I wouldn't have even found this page if I had been using keydown instead of keyup, as it would have worked as intended.

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