I have SharePoint Online list which I am customizing with an InfoPath form. Two of the fields on the Form are lookup fields with a secondary Data Connection to a second SharePoint List with Fields Named Funding Source and Income Code.

When a Funding Source is selected from a DropDown list on the InfoPath form, the corresponding income Code should be populated in the Income Code text box.

I've created the Data Connection and set up the DropDown list so a Funding Source can be selected but the Income Code box is displaying the top code in the list regardless of which Funding Source is selected in the box.

I must have done something wrong in setting up the Income Code box.

Can someone provide me with a step by step plan of how to set up the income code box please?

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I expect that the textbox used for Income Code is just pointing to the secondary data source field but doesn't have any filtering to show the Income code of the selected Funding Source. As there are multiple entries in the data source (all from the lookup list) it will show the first value.

Try setting the value of the Income code using a rule. Rough steps:

  1. Create a new action rule on the dropdown (will fire every time it changes)
  2. Action: Set field value.
  3. Choose income code field.
  4. For the value use "Insert Field or Group". Select the income code from your secondary source.
  5. Click on the “Filter data” button and filter on Funding Source using the value selected in the DDL (main data source)
  • I've already got that rule created. The problem seems to be with the creation of the Filter. If I set both sides of the filter eqaution to the same field (Fund, IncomeCode or ID) the first income Code in the list displays regardless of which funding source is selected. Any other combination I've tried so far and the box remains blank
    – JonS
    Oct 26, 2015 at 11:22

Try creating this rule, put this on Funding Source field.

  1. Create a rule, Condition is when Funding Source is not blank
  2. Create action with set a field's value. For the Fields value, select fx button then go to the Secondary Data Connection drop then expand queryFields then select the Funding Source field. Click OK.
  3. For the Value, select the Funding Source drop down. It will appear as (.) period.
  4. After the first action step, add now another action step: the Query this Data Connection. Query your secondary Data Connection.
  5. Now I expect that the Income Code field will just contain all the code that is matched with the Funding Source field selected.

Now every time the user selects a value in Funding Source field, it will send query the data connection based on the selected value and then the Income Code field will just display the results.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mATsK0aVZ9I , this video will help you achieve what you are looking for. I used the video to achieve what you are looking for.


Try this. I got it working for Calculated Field but to have lookup pull data to text box field, it only worked in preview but it wont load/stuck in the SharePoint.

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