I'm working on a Content Search WebPart which displays a list of pages. The third line, in my properties, returns a PublishingPageContentOWSHTML.

But is it normal that its value appears twice, once my displayTemplate has finished its job? I'm basically getting the value using:

var line3 = $getItemValue(ctx, "Line 3");

And displaying it in a div. But the result leaves me a bit puzzled;

<div><p>​In blandit diam ligula, [...] purus feugiat auctor.</p>​In blandit diam ligula, [...] purus feugiat auctor.</div>

I plan on trimming the value later of course, I don't want to display a full paragraph in my list but before that, being new to SharePoint, I have no idea what's going on with my value and why it's appearing twice.

  • You can place a debugger and figure out whats going on. – Asad Refai Oct 23 '15 at 10:14

Seems your are not getting a value but an object with formatting and innerText.

You can test with:

var line3 = typeof $getItemValue(ctx, "Line 3");

Trace the output to the F12 Dev Tools console

console.info('line3',$getItemValue(ctx, "Line 3"));

you can then inspect of its an Array or an Object with (named) properties.

  • you're right, line3 is an object. But how can I handle this then? I tried casting it to a string but it doesn't change anything, so is it because of the PublishingPageContentOWSHTML ? – Hanayoru Oct 23 '15 at 9:56

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