I'm having lots of troubles configuring Sharepoint 2013 to fetch user profile pictures from Exchange 2013 and I've already asked a question about the whole problem. Here I want to ask something more specific.

In the Sharepoint ULS I cannot find any traces that report a call to the Exchange Web Services, nor to the "GetPhoto" URL (see below), nor anything that I can relate to Exchange. I tried filtering by several keywords (exchange, photo, picture, pictureUrl, autodiscover, etc...) and I couldn't find anything.

Am I wrong about my presumption that such a call should be logged in ULS?

Is there a way to sniff the Sharepoint's outgoing traffic and sort it out in order to find what happend between it and Exchange? (this would probably help me a lot in troubleshooting)

I know that Exchange is reachable without problems from the Sharepoint machines, both through a browser and through PowerShell scripts that use Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll. In particular I checked that the following URL responds with the desired image file:


There are no errors, no warnings whatsoever, everything is apparently configured fine except that the images won't show in the user profiles.

  • You're going to need to install a low-level network sniffer like Wireshark on the server. Fiddler is not going to help in this case. wireshark.org – Derek Gusoff Oct 23 '15 at 12:40

You can capture traffic using Fiddler.
Take a look at this blog from Andrew Connell on how to get Fiddler to capture SharePoint requests.

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