I have a form made in InfoPath to create material requests at my office. One of these fields is a Choice Type with two options: Department and Project, this Choice Type is required. There is also a second Choice Type that becomes required if the previous one is Project. I have implemented this behaviour using an InfoPath rule.

Once an item is created I can edit it by a very similar form, which has the same fields of the creation form as well as some extra fields generated authomatically. (which I did not implement).

The problem is that on this form I can't change the first field from Department to Project or viceversa because there is no other option and I can't turn it back to blank because it has to be a required field.

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First, the field you want to become required if some condition was selected can't be required in the column configuration and needs to have a blank value by default, this topic can help you to set a blank value by default in your column:

How to Add Blank to choice field?

Open your InfoPath Designer and select the desired list.

Select the field that you want to become required if "Project" was selected.

Go to properties tab > Manage rules

On manage rules window, click "New" > "Validation"

Create a new condition for this rule, something like:

if "required field" equals to "Project"

Then click OK

So the field will be only required if the required field value is "Project"

Hope it helps.

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