How can I create a SharePoint List with a connection to a SQL Database, where i can write my own query to retrieve data from different tables ? (ie. from a star schema)

I checked with 'external content type' in SP Designer, but there i can choose just one table ?!

Or are there any other solutions to populate custom data in a SP List from a database ?

I am working with SP2013 Enterpise

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All of the info you need is located here:

How to: Create external content types for SQL Server in SharePoint 2013 https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/jj220063.aspx

Select a table, view, or routine:

In the Data Source Explorer, expand the database to view the tables, views, and routines that it contains. Select a table, view, or routine.

Another resource: http://lightningtools.com/bcs/creating-an-external-content-type-with-sharepoint-designer-2013/


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