I have a strange situation... From SharePoint Designer, for a List, I create a workflow, for SharePoint 2013 platform. As my first action, I ask SPD to send an email to the user that created the item. This works fine.

As the email title, I used: New Ticket [%Current Item: ID%]. This works fine, the email title is converted as it should "New Ticket 23".

My problem is in the email body, I use the "Add/Edit Lookup" and select Current Item > Title.

When I receive the email, the body contains [%Current Item:Title%] instead of the Item's title.

Is someone knows how to correct this ? Is there something I have to activate somewhere ?

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Instead of [%Current Item:Title%], Choose [%Current Item:Name%] in Add or Change Lookup.

  • Thank you, but I get the exact same thing: Email title = New ticket 7 Email body = [%Current Item:Name%]
    – Dreller
    Oct 22, 2015 at 17:33

I have found the problem ! Now, I have to find a way to bring it to Microsoft. Here is the explanation, maybe it will help someone out there.

I am using SPD to create the workflow. When I click on the email action link, it opens the Email definition window, with a WYSIWYG tool to create the email to be sent.

The problem is right there. The WYSIWYG tool. Clicking OK will convert the text to HTML. It converts lookups too. If I insert [%Variable : strText%], the WYSIWYG tool converts it to [%Variable : strText%], which is not recognized by SharePoint.

To bypass the problem, I use the WYSIWYG tool to create a template (font, size, color...), and then, right-click on the Workflow action, select "Properties", and then, access the Body HTML code to add lookup fields. This way, the [%Variable : strText%] isn't converted to HTML code, and the value is perfectly inserted in the email.

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