I have a web application with mixed authentication: - Windows authentication - Forms based authentication

Logging in onto the web application works. And accessing all apps with an active directory user works also.

But, if we show that same page (part of a provider hosted MVC web application) in an app part. The page shows search results. We have the following issue: - Sometimes the page in the app part is shown, but without any search results, while accessing the page outside the app part I get results. - Sometimes it does not show the page. And then you get in IE "The website declined to show this webpage. Most likely causes:This website requires you to log in.". In Chrome: 403 Forbidden.

Mostly we have the second 403 situation.

Anybody any ideas?

Farm config: - Database server - SharePoint WFE (incl. services) server - SharePoint Search server

Extra note: sometimes it occurs when you login on SharePoint and navigate trough the application, you have to relogin again. Maybe there's a connection between both issues.

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