I'm using SharePoint 2013 and I have a calculated column in a custom list, called "Project ID" that has the following calculation:


The first item in the list has the "Project ID": DS-0001

When I make any changes to that record, the "Project ID" changes to: DS-000 Yet if I show the ID column, I can still see that it says "1". The only way to get the value back is to edit the "Project ID", change nothing, then click "OK". Once I do that, the ID number is back.

Any way to make that column retain the ID number after a change?

One caveat, I cannot use SharePoint Designer.

Many thanks in advance.

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ID is not valid column to use in Calculated Formulas, it is not displayed in the available columns for a reason.

  • It is 0 for newly created items as it gets its value from the database after all Formulas are evaluated

  • You get the correct values (in all existing items) if you re-edit the Formula

  • It is reset to 0 on Item update (I never investigated why)

Only way is to get hold of that ID in a Workflow and save it to another Column

If you really can not use Designer.. kinda like driving a Tesla, and not being allowed to use a charger
You need a CSR or other Script that checks for 0 values in that Calculated Formula, gets the correct ID and writes it back... it is going to be duc-tape..

You can get the ID in the View in JavaScript: Get clicked item ID from list

Update #1

If you can not use a workflow to get ID into a separate field your other option is to use a Client Side Script which checks for invalid=0 ID and updates your own field.
Major drawback is this script will not run immediatly for every item( like a Workflow can) but has to be triggered somehow.

  • You can trigger by hand (code in a CEWP)
  • You can trigger in a View (code in CSR or Calculated Column)

Second option can be 'instant' as from a New Form you (normally) end up in the Default View of the List.


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