I have a requirement where I am checking a user account whether it does exist in User Profile Service or not. And if the account doesn't exist then it will create an account. I am using CSOM for this.

It throws an exception "Forbidden" on clientContext.ExecuteQuery() when I don't impersonate the identity and the account doesn't exist. By impersonating the identity the account gets created even for those user whose accounts are already existent which I don't prefer. I am using the following code:

var loginName = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name;
var peopleManager = new PeopleManager(clientContext);
var properties = peopleManager.GetPropertiesFor(loginName);
clientContext.Load(properties, p => p.PersonalUrl, p => p.UserProfileProperties);

Is there a way where I can catch UserProfileNoUserFoundException exception instead of exception "Forbidden"?

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