I am trying to develop an External Content Type using Visual Studio so I can use External Data Source columns in a SharePoint list.

Most of the stuff I am finding online uses Designer, but I don't want to use designer, I want to use VS so I have a .wsp I can deploy to different environments. Note also, I do not want to create an External List, I want a hybrid, so I just want the ECT available to be able to use external data columns on a regular SharePoint list.

I have followed the instructions here to create the ECT definition, and I can deploy it and it shows up in the BCS service app, and I can see it when I add columns to a list.

I have also been following the instructions here, and more specifically here, to set up credentials in the Secure Store Service that are valid on the external data source (a SQL DB, in this case).

What I can't seem to find, though, is where in my VS project I tell the ECT to use credentials from the Secure Store Service when trying to connect to the external data?

I found this article, but again, that uses Designer, and I don't want to do it in Designer.

So, where in my Visual Studio project do I go to tell the ECT to look for credentials in the Secure Store Service?

Or is it not in the VS project? Is there some setting on the ECT I set through the BCS service app in Central Admin?

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