I'm currently testing some things in SharePoint (Trial/Developer mode).

Current setup: SharePoint 2013 Server Domain Controller with 2008 R2 (Active Directory).

I've configured the SharePoint option "Active Directory Import" with the idea that i could add users or groups to my sites. So for example my SharePoint Editors security group can edit things at one specific site. Unfortunately i cant find any active directory users at all.

When i'm at: Application Management > Manage service applications > User Profile Service Application > Manage User Profiles | I CAN find the active directory users here. I also can find the Security Groups at if i want to add a SharePoint Audience

but i can't add them when i'm at:

Site Settings > Site Permissions or People Groups.

I really want to add my security group to a specific SharePoint group or just a security group directly added to SharePoint so i can give specific policies to the groups.

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