I have a scenario where I am using InfoPath form with 4 different views-

  1. Initial view
  2. Team view
  3. Acceptance view
  4. Final view

Steps I followed-

  1. I have a field in form which changes views accordingly.
  2. I have implemented a workflow , where on every change of view an email will be sent to certain groups.
  3. When initial form is submitted at first an email is sent to a permission group which I declared as variable in workflow.
  4. Once the form is viewed by group they will submit the form (they will see View 2)
  5. On submit an email is sent to initiator saying group has submitted the form and once he clicks on the link provided in mail it will show him View 3 with two options one is Submit and other is Reevaluate.
  6. If he clicks on reevaluate it should send email back to the group with View 2.
  7. Everything works fine if it is straightforward.
  8. But once I am on email 3 where initiator asks for Reevaluate it is showing completed and no mail is sent.

Please check the figure I am posting and let me know if am doing something wrong in terms of workflow. enter image description here


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Why there are two conditions for View 1? The first 1 does nothing, then at the last step there are actions. What's happening currently at your workflow is that during reevaluation, it is going inside the view 1 condition which does nothing.

If the first view 1 condition is for the initial submission, put the actions inside it (the 3 THEN). Now for reevaluate, which I guess is the last view 1 condition, put another condition to satisfy like, Setview = 1 AND Status = "Reevaluate" so it will go directly to that condition step. Put the actions inside that step.

  • Found that mekalikot and fixed it.thanks for the needy guidance.
    – SPLearner
    Oct 15, 2015 at 13:09

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