I had successfully created sub sites using REST API and i set 'UseUniquePermissions': true so that i can manage selected users as a member into the site i created , Now i'm wondering how can add a certain user to be a member in my site using REST API.?


Two steps to do this.

Get your Group Name by its login name. Group is needed to add users in this group

/_api/web/sitegroups/GetByName('Your Group Name')

Now send a POST request in the following URL that will add your desired user to this group.

/_api/web/sitegroups('Group Id')/users

request body should be like following.

var data = {
    __metadata: {
        type: 'SP.User'
    LoginName: 'Put here user login name'
  • or first i should create a group then add users on it..! copy.! cheers. – Looytawon Oct 14 '15 at 8:53

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