I have a contribute permission on SharePoint 2013 Site. Can I open that SharePoint site in visual studio and design it?

Can we use current user filter webpart for contribute permission site. If yes, how?


No, the ``contribute```permission level does not have the needed rights to customize.

Not with Visual Studio, not with SharePoint Designer

screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/jyL6NNO.jpg


The purpose of Visual Studio is to Create->Develop->Deploy solutions for a SharePoint site, and you must have permissions on a Site to perform such activities.

As mentioned in your question, where you look to design the SharePoint Site.

I can say that no you cannot open a SharePoint Site in VS and perform design related tasks such as updating Master Pages, CSS, etc, But only develop new such files and then deploy to use.

You can make use of SharePoint Designer 2013 (A free tool by Microsoft) which can help you in designing the existing master pages, css files etc on a SharePoint Site.

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