I have a list in SharePoint 2013

For example

  • In Row 1: Column1 has 12 and Column2 has blackberry as values
  • In Row 2: Column1 has 34 and Column2 has iphone as values
  • In Row 3: Column1 has 12 and Cloumn2 has blackberry as values

Now I want to display rows which has duplicate values. I want to create a view which shows only rows 1 and 3 which are duplicates.

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    As ListItems have no relationship with eachother you can't use data from multiple rows in a Filter. You could use ClientSideRendering code to preprocess a View and Hide items. Commented Oct 8, 2015 at 11:10
  • Create a view that groups by column 2? It won't get you fully there, but it will show "duplicates" in that they are grouped together. Commented Oct 8, 2015 at 11:13
  • If i use group by in view then it will show both duplicates and non duplicates. I want to see only duplicates in my view. Can this be done using custom view. If so the how to do that?
    – kats
    Commented Oct 8, 2015 at 11:31

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Nice challenge for Out Of the Box thinking where there are no Out of the Box answers

Programmers approach would we to use Two Loops

  • One to loop all items and count the double ones
  • And loop all items again to display an item or not

You can use Client Side Rendering for that; if you do all processing first you can built the HTML before it is displayed in the browser.

See: Displaying list with only unique values in title column


you have to code some 30 lines of boilerplate code.. AND attach a JSlink to **every View* you want to use it.

If you don't mind a flash (displayed content is erased)

Out of the box with NO loops

.. well.. strictly speaking one loop... the original SharePoint code displaying a whole View

You can make each ListItem count itself and then check if its total count is > 1

In A Calculated Column (set to datatype=Number)

which executes some cute JavaScript(I haven't tested all browsers, works in Chrome and IE10)

Paste the Formula:

="<img src=/_layouts/images/blank.gif onload=""{"
&"var C,v='count_"
&[Task Name]
  • Each item displays a blank IMG to trigger JavaScript code (the SCRIPT tag is disabled by Microsoft)
  • You can then built a JavaScript variable v with the value you want to check doubles for

Since this code is always executed for every ListItem we need some special bookkeeping of Global variables

  • we check if a Global variable (object) cnt exists, use it or declare it (once) as a new object
  • we check if the value exists in the cnt object (a previous occurence) or set the counter to 0
  • then always add 1 to the count

At this stage you could hide double values if the counter is >1 .. but you want the reverse, so it is essential we count all items first.

  • _spYield (declared in SP.js, but you won't find any blogs or documentation) makes JavaScript execution wait (something not possible out of the box with JavaScript)

We need this wait/delay because IMGs are loaded async, thus this code as well and we want to make sure all ListItems are processed/counted.. a yield/Wait of 1 millisecond seems to be enough

So once all ListItems are counted they execute their own function

  • the executed function sets the display based on the counter,
    • if the counter==1 we pick the 0th value in the text-array (hide)
    • otherwise the 1th value (leave double values displayed)

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