I was just wondering if anyone was aware of anyway/any webpart on mysites where you can endorse a persons skills/knowledge. Kind of like linkedin

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For a user in SharePoint the set of Skills are stored in the User Profiles. And MySites pull such data from the User Profiles of each user.

If you open the Central Administration site. And GoTo the User Profile services. Its noticed there is list of OOB user profile properties, and SPS-Skills (the internal name for Skills) is one of those properties which is responsible for holding a users set of skills.

So the answer is, you do not have any OOB solution or webpart which can be used to endorse a person's skill.

What you can do: Create a custom User Profile Property, based on your requirement analysis which is capable of storing the mappings between skills and respective endorsements by other users. This new User Profile Property can then be used to show on your MySites

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